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UPDATE: US Intel to Hold Classified Hearing on Worldwide Threats to US on Wednesday

New update - the US intelligence agencies will on Wednesday April 14th be having a hearing about advanced worldwide threats to the United States. Now as we already know, the top United States agencies hold this hearing every year, so what's different about this one? Well what lots of us are suspecting is that since they will be talking about worldwide threats the the US in the hearing - then it could be very possible they are discussing matters of the UAP UFO Report (Which is supposed to be due this June) Since the UFO report is about Unidentified Arial Threats to the US.

The first part of the hearing will be open to the FOIA (Freedom of information act) but the second part of the discussion will be a classified meeting. It will most likely be that they will talk about the Navel SSCI UFO report. But we don’t really know as of yet. We will have to wait until the 14th to see if we get any more information.

But as the first section of the discussion is public, they will be streaming it live at

The image below is of the message sent from these agencies about the hearing details. However, as of right now, we don't yet know who this message was sent to. We hope to attain more information as the days go by.

I also talk about this in my latest YouTube video on my channel:

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