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Strange PULSATING UFO Caught by Boeing 767 Over Mexico City..

As the anticipation towards the UAP report continues, we are now seeing more and more videos being confirmed by the top US Agencies, such as the US Navy, and SSCI. But along with that, there have also been many new UFO sightings from non government organizations...

A new video released by the NARCAP (A non profit/government organization) has been making its rounds around the internet in the last few days. The video, witch was filmed on March 19, 2020, is of a piolet filming a pulsating object over Mexico City - from his Boeing 767. In the video, we see a white-ish pulsating orb overring at around the same altitude as the plane.

Above - Picture from the video

The plane was making its way to Memphis TN, and was at the time of the capture, flying 575 mph at and altitude of 37,000 feet in the air. And while passing over Mexico City - the piolet starts recording a video of this object seen in the image above.

Sounding astounded at what he had seen, he went on to seemingly contact air traffic control, telling them about what he was seeing. As you might have guessed, no one had any idea of what the object was. The piolet of the 767 couldn't believe what he was seeing as he said in the video "Now I've finally seen one, and have a UFO story of my own!"

Towards the end of the video, the piolet angled the camera down to his ND (Navigation Display)

However at that point, the craft he saw conveniently disappeared. I'm not saying that this is fake now, but just something the keep in consideration.

Image from ND (taken from video)

As we were not there, we have no way to really know what happened, but what we can do is look at the evidence we have and come up with our own solutions about what they saw in the sky that night.

The video below is the video I made on my YouTube channel talking about what happened:

Video from - MineBuild77, on YouTube

This is the original video of the sighting posted on NARCRAP:

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